Online February 16th & 17th

Affiliate Management Expo

An amazing 2 days of actionable information from leading experts in affiliate marketing to help you grow an affiliate program.




Affiliate Management Expo's Mission is simple....
 to EMPOWER and INSPIRE brands to grow and scale their affiliate programs. We will be bringing together expert speakers to help achieve the mission.

20+ Expert Presentations & Interviews Over 2 Days

Affiliate Management Expo is a must-attend event for all brands with an existing affiliate program and even ones looking to start one. 


In 2021 affiliate marketing is an essential marketing channel that should be maximized. 


Affiliate Management Expo is a MUST-ATTEND event and it  will educate, empower, and give you the confidence to scale a current program or start one from scratch and be successful. 


Topics over the 2-day event include:


  • Affiliate Program Management 101
  • Influencer Strategies
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Affiliate Activation Strategies & Tactics
  • Affiliate Fraud - How to combat?
  • Emerging Trends
  • Affiliate Marketing on Mobile
  • Affiliate Marketing Data & Analytics
  • Affiliate Recruiting Strategies & Tactics
  • How to work around Challenges and Threats
  • Different types of affiliates



Day 1 - Feb. 16th

Affiliate Management 101

Essential Elements of a Successful Affiliate Program (A Beginner's Guide)

If you are just getting started with affiliate or partner marketing, there are several things you need to know before jumping in too deep. Affiliate marketing can be complicated, and if you build a program in the wrong way, it could take years to recover if you even get off the ground at all.


This session will look at the fundamental elements of what makes successful programs, designed to scale and thrive year after year.

Sarah Bundy
All Inclusive Marketing

Brett Owens


Influencer Recruiting

5 Steps to Finding Ideal Influencer Partners​

Micro-influencers are the next evolution of affiliate marketing. No matter what you sell, there are content creators out there today who are perfect for promoting your product.


Many up-and-coming influencers and micro-influencers are the perfect way to up your brand recognition. They can hold an impressive sway, ranging anywhere from 5000 to 500K+ followers. Their followers tend to be highly engaged, and focus on a specific niche.


In this session, we'll review five simple steps to help us find these ideal partners.

Affiliate Activation

3 Tactics To Activate Your Affiliates

All successful affiliate programs have clean and scalable affiliate activation strategies in place.


In this session you will learn 3 tactics you can implement today to consistently increase your affiliate revenue month over month.

Stephanie Robbins
Robbins Interactive

Matt McWilliams
Matt McWilliams Consulting

Affiliate Management

The Worst 5 Lies About Affiliate Programs (and why they hold you back)​

We want to teach you the strategies that we've used to run product launches for people like Shark Tank's Kevin Harrington, Bryan Tracy, Michael Hyatt and other entrepreneurs as well as companies like Shutterfly and Adidas.


We know from experience that the number one way to grow your business is not necessarily better copy, landing pages, social media etc, but it's having strategic partners who help you to grow your business and who promote you to their audiences.

Strategic Partnerships

How to Build Strategic Partnerships That Last​

Are you missing out on a big part of performance partnerships? The number of companies embracing Performance Marketing increases steadily every year. Many of these same companies fail to capitalize on the opportunity to grow beyond traditional affiliate programs by developing a more comprehensive partner program.


In this session, Ed Ceballos from Everflow will share his experience evolving from Referrals to Strategic Partnerships, building an entirely new road-to-market that drives organic growth. Attend and see some interesting metrics that will convince you to invest in developing or scaling your Partner program now.

Ed Ceballos

Nikita Zhitkevich

B2B Affiliate Program Management

The Do’s and Dont’s of B2B Affiliate Marketing​

Nikita will speak to what has worked and what hasn't worked in launching PartnerStack at PartnerStack.


PartnerStack now operates our own full partner program using our software and have learned a lot about B2B affiliate marketing along the way. Join us for some advice and tips that will guide your partner program success in 2021 and beyond!

Affiliate Program Management

When is The Right Time to Consider Professional Affiliate Management?

Managing an affiliate program is a full-time job and don't let anyone tell you different. There is so much to do to produce a successful affiliate program, including recruiting, activating, communicating and optimizing. 


With so much to do, when is it time to consider professional affiliate program management? Anthony will discuss when the time is right, how to choose the right agency partner, and much more. 

Anthony DiFranco

Brook Shaaf

Affiliate Program Management

Your Program vs. Amazon

Amazon, already taking in about half of all online retail dollars before the pandemic, grew by over 30% in 2020. They are a one-stop-shop for many publishers, including prized review sites. Can your affiliate program compete against them?

Industry News

The Affiliate Marketing and COVID-19

In this session Todd will discuss how the affiliate industry was affected, both negatively and positively. The emphasis being on positively. Also discussed is influencers vs. affiliates and brands are now working with both. Todd's final point is one that all brands should pay attention and implement immediately. 

Todd Crawford

Janina Hagen
Commission Factory

Affiliate Recruiting

Looking to maximize results? Diversify your affiliate program!

Learn about diversification and why it is essential for your affiliate program. We deep-dive into different diversification tactics alongside some specific examples and proven results. This session touches on different affiliate types, their value, and how they fit into a diversification strategy.

Day 2 - Feb. 17th

Affiliate Recruitment

Finding & Engaging New Affiliates for Maximum ROI

Recruiting high-quality affiliate partners is difficult enough, but finding them and engaging with them in a way they want to promote your product or service is a totally different challenge.


In this session, Chris will walk you through how to find new affiliates (that will provide value) and ways to reach out and engage to get the best activation rates and the always important ROI. 

Chris Tradgett
Publisher Discovery

Jessica Spira
Ziff Media

Strategic Partnerships/Recruiting 

How to Work with Mass Media Publishers​

Over the last several years, there has been an influx of mass media publishers in the affiliate/performance marketing space. Brands looking to diversify their acquisition channels want to work with these partners but some struggle with the best approach and the best ways to measure performance.


Jessica will share what content publishers are looking for, how to approach them, and how to craft successful partnerships

Relationship Building

Personalizing the Affiliate Experience

We’ll discuss how you can establish and grow an affiliate program from the ground-up by identifying the key strategic partners for your business and using a personalized approach to building relationships around mutual goals, objectives and challenges.


Many affiliates talk to each other so reputation is key as you establish a new program. Once your integrations are in place for your first partners, go above-and-beyond to make these partnerships successful using consistent communication, testing, flexible payouts, and more.


Establishing successful relationships makes your affiliate program better known in your industry so outreach and onboarding of other affiliate partners becomes easier over time.

Zach Rippstein


Jeannine Crooks

Industry News

The Awin Report: A Look Back, A Look Forward​

Every New Year triggers a natural tendency to look back at the lessons learned over the past 12 months. The lessons from 2020 will have recommendations far beyond 2021. The Awin Report asked the tough questions about the future to experts throughout the affiliate marketing industry, including Merchants, Senior Agency staff, and members of Awin’s Global Strategy Team. Their analysis and insights can help optimize for greater program growth in 2021.

Affiliate Activation

Affiliates--What Fuels Their Growth?

You may have an arsenal of diversified affiliates approved for your program but are you capturing their attention to know what they need to drive growth for your brand?  In this session advertisers will discover difference makers to help their program stand out in this ever competitive eCommerce ecosystem and ways to learn what sparks the unique creativity and innovative talents of affiliates to empower their success. 

Tara McCommons

Tricia Meyer

The Performance Marketing Association

Industry News

The PMA: Shaping the Industry for Everyone​

The Performance Marketing Association represents the best interests of everyone in the industry through education, best practices, networking opportunities, government lobbying and more. Learn more about its resources and the role that it plays growing and legitimizing the industry. Find out what is new with the PMA and how it impacts your business.

Affiliate Recruiting

How to Get Content Publishers to Promote Your Brand

Learn how to pitch your brand to publishers to help you stand out from your competitors. Hear what they expect from you and how they monitor KPIs to take the relationship to the next level. 


Abby Schaller

OneCare Media

Austin Green

Affiliate Recruiting

Partner Prospecting & Outreach - Tips and Tricks

In this session, I'd like to outline some processes and tools that I typically use to identify partner prospects, aggregate contact details, and outreach en masse. This can be especially helpful for new programs that need to begin onboarding partners quickly outside of just using networks.

Building The Best Team

Your Fuel for 2021: Talent​

You've mapped out your goals for 2021 but have you mapped out how and who will get you there. Do you know what Talent you will need? What positions should be filled first? How much will it cost? How do I find the Talent and convince them to join our team? Without Talent your plans for 2021 have no fuel.

Mike Carney

Yonatan Dotan

Affiliate Marketing

Using Data to Supercharge your Affiliate Program​

How is your program performing month-over-month? Who are your top five partners and  how does that list compare to the previous year? If your third largest affiliate stopped sending you any clicks, how long would it take you to know?While affiliate marketing is relationship-driven, like all digital marketing, it is an inherently data-centric endeavor. However, unlike the paid advertising world, data gets very little attention in affiliate marketing beyond attribution and incrementality.Affluent helps over 1,600 brands track nearly $8 billion per year in affiliate revenue so they can do just that - pay attention to their data. In this session, learn some of the key things successful brands pay attention to.

Affiliate Marketing

Post Covid - 2021 Ecommerce Considerations​

2020 eCommerce exploded.  Budgets are primed for 2021 but, have you really considered what the eCommerce landscape might look like? This presentation will explore a few topics worth considering as we head into 2021.

Jim Harriman


We have a phenomenal group of speakers, leaders in the affiliate marketing industry sharing their knowledge for FREE. This is event is here for one reason, to provide you tools to grow your affiliate programs to new levels.


We promise that you will walk away with nuggets of information that you can go back and implement immediately.

It's completely free to watch the presentations

You can watch all the presentations and for they will be kept online for an additional 48 hours. You can also purchase an VIP Access Pass if you want lifetime access to the recordings!

Watch from anywhere and on any device

Login from wherever you are and whatever you're doing during the summit on your Computer, Laptop, Phone or Tablet. No need to hundreds of miles to drive to a hotel or miss the event if you are on vacation.

No selling, just pure educational presentations to help you

Our awesome Expo is filled with the latest actionable information to help your achieve your goals.

handpicked collection of talented topic experts

Everyone of our expert speakers was selected for their proven excellence and knowledge in affiliate marketing, so you know you will be learning from the best.


  • Working with Influencers within your affiliate program

  • Personalizing the affiliate experience from beginning to end. 

  • How to partner with mass media publishers like Ziff Media, CNN, Hearst, etc.  

  • The Do's & Dont's of B2B affiliate programs from a true expert. 

  • Affiliate program management basics. It's surprising how people make this complicated.​

  • 3 Tactics to successfully activate your affiliates.

  • Finding & engaging new affiliates for maximum ROI.

  • How to know when it's time to hire an affiliate management agency.


Invest your time in learning affiliate program management from some of the brightest minds in the industry. All the presenters have one thing in common and that is to help educate the world about affiliate marketing and why every brand should consider it one way or another.

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